Don’t miss your chance to register for BOLDplanning’s free Emergency Management Thought Leadership webinar. This webinar features Mike Harryman, Oregon’s first State Resilience Officer. In this unique and informative session Mike will discuss:
  • Awareness of Continuity of Operations Plans (COOPs) in the Executive Branch of State Government
  • Assessment: Knowing Where You Stand
  • Getting Started: Policy and Guidance
  • Timelines (Eating the Elephant):
    • Year 1 (Building the System from the Bottom Up)
    • Year 2 (Disaster Recovery)
    • Year 3 (Maintenance and Updates)
  • Leveraging the BOLDplanning Tool
  • Reviews
  • Testing (Tabletops)
  • Coordination with Legislative and Judicial Branches, and more!

Online seating is limited, so register now to secure your spot!