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Case Study: Williamson County Schools and Franklin Special School District Emergency Operations Planning

Williamson County Schools (WCS) serves the educational needs of around 42,000 pre-K and K-12 students, and the Franklin Special School District (FSSD) serves around 3,700 pre-K and K-8 students. Both organizations recognized the need for a consolidated and comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). They turned to BOLDplanning to help.

Download this resource to learn more about EOP planning in Williamson County and FSSD.

White Paper: Hazard Mitigation and the Community Rating System (CRS)

Learn Key Facts about the Community Rating System (CRS)

For emergency managers, Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP) is a critical step in community preparedness.

But unknown to some, FEMA has two major hazard mitigation planning programs: 1) the more common local all-hazard mitigation planning process, and 2) floodplain management planning associated with the Community Rating System (CRS).

Both programs contain elements designed to help communities reduce their flood risks, and according to FEMA, these two plans are more valuable if they are developed in concert with each other.

Find out more about the Community Rating System (CRS) and how it should align with your HMP.

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Case Study: Calhoun County, MI Hazard Mitigation & COOP Planning

Case Study: Calhoun County HMP
In 2016, Calhoun County selected BOLDplanning to update its existing Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP).

After only a few months, BOLDplanning delivered to the county a fully updated HMP for local, state and federal review. The plan passed both the State of Michigan and FEMA on the first pass—a very rare achievement.

Download this case study to learn more about how BOLDplanning can help your state, county, local agency or private organization better prepare.

Resource: Emergency Management Grant Source Guide

Emergency Management Grant Source Guide

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Grant funding can be a tedious and confusing process. Don’t miss out on the funding your agency needs (and deserves) to provide essential community services.

We’ve consolidated the most significant sources of emergency management grants into one resource for your convenience.

Discover key sources of funding for your emergency management organization.

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Preparedness Planning for Primary and Secondary Schools

K-12 Preparedness
Though inspiring places for young people to grow and develop, schools today face unprecedented threats to student and staff safety, and organizational continuity.

Download this resource to learn more about how BOLDplanning can help your district or individual school better prepare.

People Are Talking About BOLDplanning: Customer Quotes

People Are Talking About BOLDplanning

BOLDplanning is the nation’s preeminent provider of preparedness consulting and software solutions.

But don’t take our word for it. See the nice things customers have to say about their experience choosing BOLDplanning as their partner in preparedness.

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White Paper: Creating a Culture of Preparedness with the Preparedness Cycle FrameworkTM

Culture of Preparedness Paper

Learn Key Lessons in Creating an Internal Culture of Preparedness

Creating an external “culture of preparedness” within communities is a worthwhile goal.

But achieving this means emergency management agencies must first lead the charge by creating an internal culture that fosters best practices and is committed to strategic planning disciplines.

While it’s true emergency management agencies are, by definition, dedicated to preparedness, most leaders will admit there is room for organizational improvement.

To improve departmental and community readiness, consider following the Preparedness Cycle FrameworkTM, a five-year cycle of integrated planning, exercising and technology implementation.

Find out more about the Preparedness Cycle Framework.
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Case Study: Maricopa County, AZ Turns to BOLDplanning for COOP and EOP Planning

This BOLDplanning case study examines Maricopa County’s use of BOLDplanning to build their Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Emergency Operations (EOP) plans.

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White Paper: Seven Key Reasons You Need a Current & Rock-Solid Hazard Mitigation Plan

Seven Reasons You Need a Current Hazard Mitigation Plan

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Do you have an up-to-date and comprehensive Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP)?

Many organizations do not have in place a current and complete Hazard Mitigation Plan. While the hazard mitigation planning process can be challenging, it is well worth the effort. A study by the Multihazard Mitigation Council shows that each dollar spent on mitigation saves communities an average of four dollars.

In this BOLDplanning white paper, you’ll learn seven key reasons why you need a rock-solid hazard mitigation plan along with tips for developing this impactful and necessary document.

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White Paper: Seven Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

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Is your Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan as good as it can be?

Many organizations still do not have a formalized Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). Or, if they do, it’s gathering dust in binders on a shelf. In this BOLDplanning white paper, you’ll learn seven critical mistakes often made in the COOP process. Don’t let these mistakes affect your preparedness.

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