If you follow BOLDplanning at all, you probably know the company recently reached a major milestone with the completion of its 10,000th emergency, continuity and mitigation plan. The company has been joyfully sharing the news for the last couple of weeks. But, did you know that in recognition of this business accomplishment, the American and Tennessee state flags were flown in both the U.S. and Tennessee capitals last month?

That’s right! On May 1, 2018 and in recognition of this record-setting business achievement, an American flag was flown at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. And on the very same day, the U.S. flag and Tennessee state flag flew in acknowledgement of BOLDplanning at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville is home to BOLDplanning).

Each of these commemorative flags has an official certificate of issuance, and will be proudly displayed inside the BOLDplanning offices.

“I don’t know which makes me prouder—having 10,000 emergency, continuity and mitigation plans under our belt, or seeing these great flags fly in our honor,” says BOLDplanning CEO, Fulton Wold. “Both are unforgettable experiences in the company’s (and my) life, and I am absolutely thrilled be part of them.”

A special thanks goes out to Ed Wolff, BOLDplanning’s VP of Global Solutions, for arranging this special honor.

On June 29th, the BOLDplanning team will come together to celebrate the milestone and the unveiling of the commemorative flags. Yes, there will be pictures, so keep an eye on our blog in the days ahead.