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Cloud-based solutions for COOP, BCP, EOP, Healthcare, and Hazard Mitigation.

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Mission Statement & History

Mission Statement and History

BOLDplanning’s mission is to exceed our customers’ highest expectations.
We deliver peace of mind with efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective solutions.

BOLD Knows Government!

BOLDplanning has been an approved vendor under the GSA since 2012 (Schedule Contract GS-35F-0301Y), and our planning system is fully compliant with FCD 1 & 2 and CGC 1 & 2.

Our Expertise and Experience Matter


Peter Hodes
Founder & CEO

Fulton Wold
Founder & President

John Taylor
Solutions Director

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72Healthcare Clients
71Municipal Courts
8500Fully Compliant Plans
100% Cloud-Based Solution