The BOLDplanning team is happy to announce that we’re now putting the finishing touches on a project that will support the resiliency of one of the most populous and traveled-to cities in America—Atlanta, Georgia. Not so long ago, the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency (AFCEMA) contracted with BOLDplanning to develop a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for its critical county departments. And just last week, BOLDplanning CEO, Fulton J. Wold, personally concluded plan finalization workshops to move the project toward completion.

BOLDplanning, as always, is thrilled to be involved in such important public (and private) sector planning initiatives. The company currently works with several clients throughout the Atlanta Metro area (five out of seven metro counties), and across the entire U.S. On behalf of BOLDplanning, thank you, AFCEMA, for the opportunity to help you take the next step toward building a better, stronger emergency planning strategy.

We look forward to assisting in the months and years ahead!