Drones aren’t just cool; they are fast becoming a powerful tool for the public safety/emergency management community. This is especially true for camera-equipped drones, or those with thermal or infrared scanning capabilities, which can significantly improve situational awareness immediately following a disaster. Not to mention, drones aid in producing damage surveys post-event and helping hazard mitigation planners determine new actions/projects to minimize future impacts.

Recognizing this trend and understanding that long-term gaps exist in the technology’s use, FEMA has released a new funding notice for fiscal year 2022. Specifically, the notice pertains to the Homeland Security Training Grant’s Mississippi State University’s Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which makes approximately $2 million available to the center to concentrate on developing training programs. These include a regional training program for state, local, tribal, and territorial responders who must prepare for and respond to disasters of every scope and scale.

Understanding the rules and requirements for operating a drone in such a capacity and having valuable, hands-on experience is crucial. In fact, it’s required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So don’t miss this opportunity to expand your organization’s knowledge through FEMA’s new Homeland Security Training Grant.

Learn more about this funding notice now posted at Grants.gov. Upon receiving an approved complete and submitted application by midnight ET on Aug. 12, 2022, FEMA will provide funding as cooperative agreements and award directly to the selected applicant.