Ask anyone involved in emergency, continuity, or mitigation planning, and they will tell you. Open, honest, and regular communication with plan stakeholders is an absolute must. Of course, they might also tell you that it’s oftentimes easier said than done given today’s busy schedules, a lack of technical know-how, or just a “disconnect.”

Having worked with hundreds of public and private sector clients and developed well over 10,000 organizational plans, BOLDplanning knows this all too well. That’s why the company has announced a reseller partnership with to streamline the process of stakeholder engagement. was founded in 2014 by a group of transportation engineers and planners. After seeing first-hand the problems of the public engagement status-quo, they set out to build a community engagement toolkit that could reach more voices and make it easier to understand the needs of communities. The result was an integrated and consistent approach to engagement that achieves better outcomes and builds public trust.

Today, BOLDplanning uses to engage plan stakeholders throughout the entire planning process. From a single dashboard, the company can launch surveys, monitor feedback, and make more informed decisions about plan development. This is particularly useful for Hazard Mitigation projects where public feedback is important. Also, in today’s COVID-19 environment, public participants can attend online meetings without the need for establishing a videoconferencing account.

Stakeholder engagement is critical to preparedness planning, but can often be a challenge. With BOLDplanning and, things just got a little easier.