One hundred percent dedicated and always proactive, Calhoun County, Michigan staff completed a series of four Mid-Term Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) workshops with BOLDplanning last week. Such workshops are designed to help our clients build on the COOP planning foundation established in the kickoff and plan development workshops held approximately 30 days prior. For Calhoun County, these workshops focused mainly on further developing the Primary/Alternate Facilities, Facility Resources, Communications methods, and Hazards/Risks modules in the BOLDplanning platform.

Company founder and CEO, Fulton Wold, and Global Solutions Senior Project Manager, James Woulfe, led the mid-term planning activities. And, both are happy to report that great progress has been made between the initial and mid-term workshops. “It’s great to see planners from each county department investing so much time and effort into making their workplaces more resilient,” said Woulfe.

“We are proud to be Calhoun County’s partner in preparedness, and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help them build a COOP plan that will genuinely work today and tomorrow,” added Wold. “Keep up the great work in Michigan!”