Dusty three-ring binders stashed away on bookshelves is a thing of the past in Michigan. At least as far as Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) goes. Last week, BOLDplanning CEO Fulton Wold, and Global Solutions Senior Project Manager James Woulfe, traveled to the lower peninsula of Michigan to conduct Kickoff and Plan Development workshops for the 17 counties and three tribal members of Michigan Homeland Security Region VII.

Such workshops give emergency managers, administrators, IT directors and others the opportunity to discuss the nagging issue of modernizing their jurisdictional COOPs. And, more importantly, the ability to improve emergency preparedness within the area using the BOLDplanning software platform.

As always, we’re happy to partner with the leaders of such a broad geographical area as Michigan Homeland Security Region VII. We are confident that together, we will develop a stronger, always accessible online COOP—one that not only helps Region VII members maintain operations during critical events or disruptions, but also better protect the many people they serve.