Just a few weeks ago, BOLDplanning announced a major company milestone—the completion of our 10,000th organizational plan for emergency preparedness, business continuity and hazard mitigation. Shortly thereafter, we proudly spoke about the flying of three flags—two American and one Tennessee—at both the U.S. and Tennessee capitals in commemoration of this major business achievement. Since then we’ve framed these commemorative flags, along with their official certificates of issuance, and put them on display for everyone to see.

Pictured here are the flags which hang directly inside the doors of our Nashville, Tennessee headquarters.

So what do 10,000 plans, three commemorative flags, and one major BOLDplanning milestone mean to you? They mean that BOLDplanning is an experienced and trustworthy partner who takes pride in helping your organization or community reach its preparedness goals. They mean that we continually work toward achieving our mission is to constantly deliver top flight services through emergency, continuity and mitigation plans that genuinely work today and tomorrow. They mean that we promise to provide the highest level of attention and service to our clients, creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

“The completion of our 10,000th plan was a major milestone that we’re continuing to celebrate and tout,” says BOLDplanning CEO, Fulton Wold. “But, seeing those flags fly in our honor, and now resting on the walls of our offices, is an accomplishment that I, along with the entire team, will never forget. Thank you to all the BOLDplanning customers who made this incredible experience possible, and for your continued support of our company.”

Feel free to stop by and see us (and these amazing flags) at 4515 Harding Pike #325, Nashville, Tennessee 37205. Or, contact us at 615.469.5558 or info@BOLDplanning.com to learn more about our superior online planning platform and consultative services. We’d love to see or hear from you.