Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP). It’s a crucial part of any emergency preparedness program. Just ask BOLDplanning clients like the City of Clovis/Curry County, NM.

“BOLDplanning is my first choice [for Hazard Mitigation Planning] because of their great customer service and expertise,” says Dan H. Heerding, Emergency Management Director for the City of Clovis/Curry County, NM. “We utilized BOLDplanning with our current plan, and when it was time for FEMA approval, the plan was approved with some minor adjustments that were taken care of during a conference call with FEMA.”

Since the enactment of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA2000), BOLDplanning has been a leader in HMP. The company’s proven planning process typically includes a wide array of organizational interactions, including on-site facilitation, stakeholder engagement, data collection and analysis, plan writing and strategy development. Not to mention the required plan approval by FEMA.

“The [BOLDplanning] planner was involved with us during the entire process, and I believe the open communication allowed our current plan to gain a quick FEMA approval,” says Director Heerding. “By going through the planning process, we as a community were able to identify areas that mitigation would benefit by reducing the risk when a disaster occurs.”

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