The BOLDplanning team is doing both! Every December, the entire company comes together in Nashville, TN, to celebrate its most recent accomplishments and discuss plans for the year ahead. The event is called the “BOLD Summit,” and it’s a very meaningful time for everyone involved.

This year’s BOLD Summit took place on December 12-13, 2017. The event kicked off with a welcome reception, where BOLDplanning veterans like company co-founder and CEO, Fulton Wold, new hires like Cathleen Atchison, MEP, and the rest of the crew spent some quality and relaxed time together.

On the morning of December 13, the BOLDplanning team reconvened for a full day of presentations, exercises, food and candid conversation. Company COO, Rick Wimberly, led most of the day’s activities. Company CTO, Mark Maslakowski, proudly shared his department’s vision (and progress) for the development of BOLD3™, which will be released in the back half of 2018.

There was also the announcement of the company’s new Customer Success program, which will officially launch in early January. Details of the program will soon be made available to all 9,300+ BOLDplanning clients across the country.

The BOLD Summit 2017 concluded with dinner and entertainment at a nearby venue.

For now, it’s back to business. The BOLDplanning team is hard at work helping public and private sector organizations to write and update their Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs), Business Continuity Plans (BCPs), Continuity of Operations/Government (COOP/COG) Plans, Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMPs), as well as conduct comprehensive training and exercises.

Whether you’re winding down or revving up (or both) this mid-December, enjoy the season. Also, email to learn how you can better prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against critical situations in the year ahead. Best wishes from the BOLDplanning team!