Emergency Management

COOP Planning Continues in Durham, North Carolina

For the County and City of Durham, North Carolina, it’s full steam ahead with their Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning. Just last week, area planners took part in yet another round of COOP workshops led by Tennessee-based BOLDplanning. Company representatives, James Woulfe, CBCP, CHEP, CHPCP, and Carlin Alford, Regional Director for FEMA Regions IV, V and X, led the sessions.

The Plan Finalization Workshops confirmed that the departments had completed all the necessary work since the Mid-term Workshops in April and May 2019. As a result, their plans advanced to “active” status within the BOLDplanning.com platform. 

“Obtaining ‘active’ status of COOP plans is no small accomplishment,” said Woulfe. “The ones being developed by Durham have made significant gains over the last few weeks, and we are confident they will serve the County and City well for a long time to come.”

Thank you for the opportunity to visit Durham once again, and congratulations on your achievement!

Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills: BOLDplanning Encourages You to Register Now

It may be a few months away, but there’s no time like the present to sign up for the tenth annual Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills in October. That’s right! On Thursday, October 18, 2018, millions of people around the globe will practice how to be safer during earthquakes through “Drop, Cover and Hold On.”

At BOLDplanning, we know this simple technique can save lives in a large-scale earthquake, and encourage everyone to register for the drills now. The entire exercise only lasts for about a minute. And, who can’t give up a minute of their time to be better prepared in an emergency?

Many areas of the world are prone to earthquakes. In fact, and according reports from the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, there were 1,566 earthquakes ranging from 5.0 to 8.0+ on the Richter Scale in 2017 alone. Granted, you might not live, work or travel where seismic activity is common, but who’s to say an earthquake won’t happen where you are, or where you may go in the future? Earthquakes, unfortunately, cannot be predicted and occur worldwide.
While the main goal of the ShakeOut is to get the world prepared for major earthquakes, it’s also a great time for communities, schools and organizations to review and, if necessary, update their emergency plans.

As the the market front runner in consulting and software solutions for preparedness planning, BOLDplanning can certainly help in this important area. The company recently completed its 10,000th plan for emergency operations, continuity, and hazard mitigation. BOLDplanning also specializes in standards-compliant training and exercising programs that help organizations assess their capabilities, strengths and needed improvements for better emergency preparedness.

If you’d like to learn more about BOLDplanning, give us a call at 615.469.5558 or send us an email at info@BOLDplanning.com. And, make sure you sign up to participate in the Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills. We are! After all, sixty seconds in October could save your life (or someone else’s) in the event of a major earthquake in the years to come.

BOLDplanning’s Drone Winner at the 2018 Texas Emergency Management Conference

As the exhibits came to a close at the 2018 Texas Emergency Management Conference (TEMC), BOLDplanning Solutions Director, John Taylor, announced the winner of our drawing for a DJI Spark Mini-Drone. Picture here receiving the drone is Mike Montgomery (white shirt) from ESCI. Congratulations, Mike! Enjoy your BOLDplanning prize, and we’ll see you at TEMC next year.

Congratulations to Drone Winner at Governor’s Hurricane Conference 2018

Now that the exhibits at Governor’s Hurricane Conference have officially closed, we’d like to thank everyone for making it such a huge success (as always) for BOLDplanning. We’d also like to congratulate Kevin Rodgers of Homestead Air Force Base on winning our DJI Spark Drone giveaway. Thanks for all you do to serve our great country, Kevin, and enjoy your prize. We hope to see you next year in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida for Governor’s Hurricane 2019. We’ll be there with bells on!

National Hurricane Preparedness Week: A Reminder to All to Plan for Mother Nature’s Fury

It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week. And even though it will draw to a close on May 12th, FEMA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are encouraging everyone—individuals, families, businesses and communities—to ready themselves for for the Atlantic Hurricane Season. It officially starts on June 1st and runs all the way through November.

Like FEMA and NOAA, BOLDplanning knows that hurricanes don’t just affect coastal areas. Torrential rain, high winds and deadly tornadoes can take a devastating toll as storms move inland. Who can forget Hurricane Harvey? This record-setting storm dumped copious amounts of rain (anywhere from 40 to 61 inches) in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. It also triggered widespread flash flooding in parts of Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

As a proven leader in emergency, continuity and mitigation planning who’s headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, BOLDplanning knows a thing or two about extreme weather and the need for preparation. This month marks the eight-year anniversary of the historic Nashville flood, during which over 13 ½ inches of rain fell in just 36 hours, and devastated our city.

With the images from this unprecedented weather event forever etched in our minds, the BOLDplanning team looks for every opportunity to encourage severe weather preparedness. Hurricane Preparedness Week is one of those times.

So, whether your organization is located along the Atlantic coast or 500 miles away, use this time to plan ahead for all that Mother Nature can, and inevitably will, dish out. And don’t stop there. Strive to create a culture of preparedness that extends the whole year through. That’s our number one goal at BOLDplanning, and we want to make it a reality for your public or private sector organization.

Visit us online or call 615.469.5558 to schedule a no-obligation discussion about your organization’s emergency and continuity planning needs. Or, if you are attending the 32nd Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, next week, stop by and see us in Booth #330.

Also visit ready.gov for severe weather preparedness tips, and download FEMA’s 2018 Hurricane Seasonal Preparedness Digital Toolkit. If the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season is anything like last year, you’ll be glad you did.

Sevierville, TN Chooses BOLDplanning for Emergency Operations Planning

The area around Sevierville, TN, in the Great Smoky Mountains, is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in the United States, and one of the busiest tourist destinations in the southeast. Sevierville chose BOLDplanning to help them make sure they are prepared for the next disaster or disruption.

This week, BOLDplanning CEO Fulton J. Wold and BOLDplanning Vice President for Global Solutions Ed Wolff were on hand to take the next step in creating an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the city.


We are proud to be a part of such an important initiative.

2017 IAEM Conference and EMEX Just Around the Corner

With less than two weeks to go, emergency managers participating in the 65th Annual IAEM Conference and EMEX, are clearing their desks (and their heads) for their upcoming trip to Long Beach, California.

Here, from November 10-15, 2017, hundreds of like-minded professionals from around the globe will gain valuable insight into real-life events, best practices, technologies, and developing trends in emergency management.

Among the many presenters scheduled to appear are Gerald Shamburg, Manager, Training and Exercises, Walt Disney Company; Patrick Meyers, Senior Project Manager, Emergency Management, Greater New York Hospital Association; and William B. “Brock” Long, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

IAEM, the International Association of Emergency Managers, which has more than 6,000 members worldwide, is the preeminent international non-profit organization of emergency management professionals. IAEM is dedicated to promoting the “Principles of Emergency Management” and representing professionals whose goals are saving lives and protecting property and the environment during emergencies and disasters.

BOLDplanning, an industry leader in Emergency Operations Planning (EOP), Continuity of Operations Planning/Continuity of Government Planning (COOP/COG) and Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP), will occupy booth #418 during the annual event.

Visitors to the BOLDplanning booth will have the opportunity to meet company founder and CEO, Fulton Wold, CBCP. Other BOLDplanning team members will also be on hand, as will several clients who are more than happy to share their own experiences and offer expert guidance.

Stop by BOLDplanning booth #418 when time allows. Or, schedule some one-on-one time ahead of the conference by emailing info@boldplanning.com today. It will be time well spent!