For the County and City of Durham, North Carolina, it’s full steam ahead with their Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning. Just last week, area planners took part in yet another round of COOP workshops led by Tennessee-based BOLDplanning. Company representatives, James Woulfe, CBCP, CHEP, CHPCP, and Carlin Alford, Regional Director for FEMA Regions IV, V and X, led the sessions.

The Plan Finalization Workshops confirmed that the departments had completed all the necessary work since the Mid-term Workshops in April and May 2019. As a result, their plans advanced to “active” status within the platform. 

“Obtaining ‘active’ status of COOP plans is no small accomplishment,” said Woulfe. “The ones being developed by Durham have made significant gains over the last few weeks, and we are confident they will serve the County and City well for a long time to come.”

Thank you for the opportunity to visit Durham once again, and congratulations on your achievement!