National Fire Prevention Week: Six Tips for the Workplace

This week, October 9-15, 2022, is National Fire Prevention Week. And while the focus this year is on home fire escape plans, it is important to recognize that fires in the workplace can be just as dangerous, if not more [...]

Post-Disaster Collaboration: Crucial to Recovery

Hurricane Ian was a storm for the record books. It not only battered Puerto Rico and wreaked havoc across Florida but also struck the Carolinas over a matter of days. The storm claimed the lives of well over 100 [...]

FEMA’s 2022-2026 National Tribal Strategy Supports Emergency Preparedness and Response

Tribal governments, as expressed by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), are important and unique members of the family of American governments. They provide multiple programs and services, including energy, education, workforce development, and emergency management. And all 574 sovereign tribal nations (i.e., tribes, [...]

New Cybersecurity Grant Program Available to State, Local, and Territorial Governments

As mentioned in a previous BOLDplanning blog post, state, local, and territorial governments are especially vulnerable to information technology (IT) threats. These include malware, ransomware, distributed denial of service (DDoS), spam, and phishing, all of which can be troublesome, if [...]

Restoration and Recovery Guide for Private-Public Partnerships: Share Your Thoughts with FEMA Now

Ask anyone involved in emergency management, and they will tell you that private-public partnerships, or P3s, are essential to disaster restoration and recovery. In fact, FEMA believes P3s help mitigate stressors on individuals and communities by strengthening social networks and connections, [...]

BOLDplanning Announces IT Disaster Recovery Partnership with Risk Solutions International

BOLDplanning, a division of Agility Recovery, announced today a new partnership with Risk Solutions International LLC (RSI) to provide consulting services and information technology disaster recovery (ITDR) planning for the public sector. With the addition of ITDR planning capabilities, [...]