In an effort to create a culture of preparedness, the West Virginia Primary Care Association (WVPCA) is partnering with BOLDplanning, a division of Agility Recovery, to develop a preparedness program to help establish a cycle of preparedness for its health center members.

The preparedness program contains five key components:

  1. Planning
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Education and training
  4. Exercises and drills (meeting CMS requirements)
  5. Program evaluation, including after-action reports and gap analysis

Health centers participating in the program will emerge with:

  • Enhanced coordination and collaboration within healthcare organizations
  • Improved resource allocation and utilization
  • Increased community resilience and confidence in the healthcare system
  • Reduced response times and improved decision-making capabilities
  • Enhanced ability to adapt and respond to evolving threats and challenges in an ever-evolving world

We commend the WVPCA on taking this step in creating a culture of preparedness. Is your organization interested in its own preparedness program? The BOLDplanning team is available to help healthcare, government, and higher education entities launch their own programs. Contact us today.