Ask anyone involved in emergency management, and they will tell you that private-public partnerships, or P3s, are essential to disaster restoration and recovery. In fact, FEMA believes P3s help mitigate stressors on individuals and communities by strengthening social networks and connections, improving social cohesion, and fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion. For these reasons and others, the agency routinely develops (and updates) information on the topic of P3s, including the guide “Building Private-Public Partnerships” (July 2021) and now the draft version of “Restoration and Recovery Guide for Private-Public Partnerships.”  

FEMA is seeking feedback on the latter and will continue to do so through October 12, 2022. It is available for download from, and comments can be submitted directly to  

According to FEMA, the new guide is for local government, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, community planners, and whole community stakeholders responsible for, having authority to manage, or providing resources for restoration and recovery. It includes information for jurisdictions to establish and, just as important, maintain P3s. It includes recommendations and resources to help plan and coordinate the restoration of community lifelines, plan and develop recovery strategies, and implement recovery operations.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to provide input on the “Restoration and Recovery Guide for Private-Public Partnerships.” The final version will prove invaluable for full community use. Subsequent document updates, which you too can be involved in, will ensure the contents are current, relevant, and, most important, useful for years to come.  

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