The State of Nebraska is currently participating in a pilot program with BOLDplanning, an Agility Recovery company, to modernize its Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan. 

The goal of the program is to provide proof of concept that moving departmental COOP plans from static, paper documents to a dynamic, online environment will provide value to planners and those involved in an actual activation. 

Most recently, representatives from a select group of Nebraska state agencies participated in a Mid-term COOP workshop, facilitated by BOLDplanning’s Manager of Global Solutions, James Woulfe, PCP, BCP. Continuity planning best practices were shared and everyone in attendance expanded their knowledge of the BOLDplanning platform, the solution of choice for over 10,000 continuity, emergency, and mitigation plans nationwide.

For the next 30 days or so, Nebraska planners will continue to add data and customize their departmental COOP plans, all of which feed into the State’s overarching COOP plan. Upon completion, BOLDplanning’s certified business continuity practitioners will conduct a thorough review, providing both quantitative and qualitative feedback to fill gaps and make additional improvements.  

On behalf of the entire BOLDplanning team, THANK YOU to the State of Nebraska for the opportunity to participate in the COOP pilot program. Also, special thanks to Tia Loftin and AmyLynn Creaney for spearheading this project and handling the logistics to host the October 2021 workshop.