So, what does that mean to you and your community? It means a lot when it comes to mitigating natural hazards such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc. Just ask the International Code Council (ICC), which develops model codes and standards used worldwide to construct safe, sustainable, affordable, and resilient structures, and sponsors the Building Safety Month each May. Or, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which has awarded $60 million in mitigation grants to help develop and promote building codes and standards since 1989.

Building codes protect citizens, homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores, entertainment venues, and countless others from weather-related disasters and structural collapse.

Building Safety Month helps raise awareness about building safety and reinforces the need for adoption of modern, and regularly updated building codes. It, according to the ICC, represents a time when the Council and its 64,000 members, along with “a diverse partnership of professionals from the building construction, design and safety communities come together with corporations, government agencies, professional associations, and nonprofits to promote building safety through proclamations, informational events, legislative briefings, and more.”

During Building Safety Month 2020, your community can learn more about:

Week 1 (May 1-10, 2020) – Disaster Preparedness

Week 2 (May 11-17, 2020) – Water Safety

Week 3 (May 18-24, 2020) – Resiliency. Sustainability. Innovation

Week 4 (May 25-31, 2020) – Training the Next Generation

In the meantime, hats (or helmets) off to the many code officials who work to keep the public safe. And, not just during disasters, but every single day. Your work is greatly appreciated!