Like other counties in Oregon, and across and our great nation, Yamhill County is dedicated to community resilience in the face of disasters or disruptions. Natural or otherwise. That’s why the county’s Office of Emergency Management is doing everything possible to ensure emergency preparedness both in- and outside the walls of its McMinnville, Oregon, location. Among those things is the development of a comprehensive Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan. 

On February 18 and 19, 2020, Yamhill County Emergency Management and preparedness partner, BOLDplanning, conducted the final workshop (in a series of workshops) focused on COOP plan development. The series, broken down into very digestible segments over the last few months, covered all major COOP planning areas, including Contacts, Facilities, Communications, and Reporting. It also provided departmental planners the opportunity to work directly inside the platform with a company representative on hand to answer questions. 

Leading the final COOP workshop in Yamhill County last week was BOLDplanning subject matter expert, James Woulfe, PCP, CBCP. 

Woulfe and others with the company will travel to Oregon many times over the course of 2020, as they plan to meet with clients, participate in workshops, and facilitate COOP exercises. One of those trips will be for the seventh annual Oregon Emergency Preparedness Workshop. It will take place in Sunriver on March 16-20, 2020.