Last week, January 14 and 15, 2020, BOLDplanning returned to Rhode Island to facilitate two days of Continuity of Operations (COOP) training for the state’s Emergency Management Agency. Day one kicked off with a COOP beginner/refresher course and ended with an exercise that allowed for a great deal of thought-provoking conversation. The exercise also gave attendees the opportunity to validate the information currently within COOP plans across the state. 

On the morning of day two, BOLDplanning representative, Cathleen Atchison, MEP, PCP, led a packed roomful of participants through a COOP practitioner workshop. Everyone took a much deeper dive into the platform and learned more about the gap analysis tools they can use to enhance the state’s COOP plans. Attendees of the afternoon session enjoyed small group discussions with timed topics, allowing them to practice navigating the planning tool and share best practices with one another. 

Special thanks to everyone for giving of their time and for working so diligently to ensure emergency preparedness in the State of Rhode Island. Job well done!