Months in the works, Marion County, Oregon, has now taken the final step toward conducting its highly anticipated Continuity of Operations (COOP) Tabletop Exercise (TTX). The TTX is scheduled for September 10th, and will be facilitated by Tennessee-based BOLDplanning. Just last week, company representative, Cathleen Atchison, MEP, PCP, met with plan participants to conduct Plan Finalization Workshops and the Final Planning Meeting. As expected, it looks like everything is in order, and the County is all set to go.

It also appears that Marion County, is full speed ahead with the development of its Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) using the platform. The schedule to complete it by November 11, 2019, was prepared during Cathleen’s visit last week as well. (Such ambition and planning enthusiasm—BOLDplanning loves it!)

Speaking of which, BOLDplanning loves spending time with customers too. So, while Cathleen was in Marion County, she took time out to stop in and meet with other valuable customers in the Salem area. Thanks to everyone for making her and the company feel so very welcome (as always).