Like all counties across “The North Star State,” Dakota County, Minnesota, understands and appreciates the importance of emergency preparedness. As such, it is now working towards the development of a new and improved Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Just last week (July 15-16, 2019), designated planning managers and key departmental leaders from the County participated in a series of workshops facilitated by Tennessee-based BOLDplanning.

The workshops, which were held in the County seat of Hastings, were led by BOLDplanning representative, Matt Eyer, PMP, CHS-V, CBCP. Also in attendance was company representative (and former Iowa State Patrol Colonel), Mike Van Berkum. Among the many workshop activities, participants verified all previously inputted plan documentation, and identified their emergency operation responsibilities within their respective agency roles and expertise.

Dakota County is the third-most populous county in the State of Minnesota. The EOP’s development is the third such project for BOLDplanning in the Twin Cities Region.