Grants are a necessary, but often painful, part of the emergency manager’s job. Looming deadlines, detailed requirements, etc. seem to pull EM professionals from their “real” purpose of protecting the public.

Here’s a friendly reminder BOLDplanning wants to help. As a part of our turnkey Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP) Five-Year Process package, we will commit to writing a PDM, FMA, or HMGP grant application for your jurisdiction every year during the five-year lifespan of your plan. Even better, BOLDplanning will facilitate these at no additional cost to your jurisdiction over and above the contracted package fees.

What is the BOLDplanning HMP Five-Year Process package?

Instead of looking at HMPs only once every five years, it’s more advantageous for emergency managers to build in checkpoints, workshops, training and exercise events, etc., into their long-term HMP process. The BOLDplanning HMP Five-Year Process package includes annual reviews and workshops that keep your plan fresh and your people well-trained, in addition to the grant writing service mentioned above that keeps the money flowing.

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