As mentioned in a previous blog post, two members of the BOLDplanning team, Rick Wimberly, COO, and Brittney Whatley, Lead Mitigation Planner, recently traveled to Liberty County, Georgia. The reason for the visit was to get the ball rolling on the update to the County’s Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). It officially kicks off with the first public/stakeholder meeting on February 6, 2019.

While in the “Peach State,” Brittney (along with Liberty County Emergency Management Director, Larry Logan) also took part in a course specifically focused on coastal resiliency. It was held at a nearby aquarium. We are happy to report that both passed with flying colors!

“It is always a pleasure to partner with BOLDplanning’s customers in such educational activities,” says Whatley. “The information gained during this course, in particular, will not only strengthen the mitigation plan for Liberty County, but as it is shared, the plans of other coastal communities as well.”

Pictured here are Larry Logan, Liberty County’s Emergency Management Director and Brittney Whatley of BOLDplanning, along with the coastal resiliency course instructor.