The City of Rochester, Minnesota is dedicated to being one that is resilient in the face of disasters or disruptions of all types.

As such, the Rochester Office of Emergency Management hosted a series of Continuity of Operations (COOP) Refresher and COOP Advanced Practitioner workshops for all City departments on December 12 and 13, 2018. During these workshops, planners from all departments had the opportunity to refresh their understanding and importance of continuity planning, and work with BOLDplanning representatives, James Woulfe, CHEP, CHPCP, CBCP, and Cassandra Wolff, CBCP, to update their respective sections of the City’s plans.

Advanced users of the BOLDplanning platform also learned learn how to better utilize its powerful reporting tools, keeping key decision-makers better informed during COOP activations.

“We are interested in taking our plans to the next level,” says Ken Jones, Director of Emergency Management for the Rochester Office of Emergency Management. “We’re also happy have the expert assistance of BOLDplanning to guide us in our journey to be a more resilient community.”

Pictured here are Captain Ryan Ostreng of the Rochester Office of Emergency Management and GIS Specialist, Cassandra Wolff, with BOLDplanning.