If there’s one thing Florida’s Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR) understands, it’s the need for emergency preparedness and proper planning. PBCFR is one of the largest fire departments in the Sunshine State, responding to just about every situation imaginable—fires, medical emergencies, car accidents, hazardous materials incidents, plane crashes, water rescues, hurricanes, etc. In fact, it receives around 140,000 9-1-1 calls each year and serves an area covering 1,761 square miles.

This week, members of PBCFR took part in their first round of COOP (Continuity of Operations) training through a workshop conducted by BOLDplanning. Company representatives, Ed Wolff, MS, CEM, MEP, and Cassandra Wolff, MS, CBCP, facilitated the activities, engaging in meaningful conversation and offering best practices for plan development. The two enjoyed looking on as PBCFR members dove head first into creating robust plans that not only support the safety and livelihood of fellow staff members in emergencies, but the community they serve as well.

On behalf of the entire BOLDplanning team, thank you, PBCFR, for your tireless work and and the opportunity to assist with your COOP planning needs. We enjoyed spending time with you, and look forward to helping with your ongoing planning endeavors.

Pictured here (right to left) is PBCFR Chief Clark, BOLDplanning representative, Cassandra Wolff, PBCFR EM Specialist, Margaret Steenburg, and PBCFR Captain Taft.