On October 17, 2018, the first tabletop exercise of the Governor’s Executive Order Disaster Exercise Series (GEODES) was conducted in Salem, Oregon. The exercise was facilitated by BOLDplanning, the vendor responsible for designing, conducting and evaluating this important event.

Among those in attendance were Oregon’s first Resilience Officer, Mike Harryman, and over 100 participants representing 35 state agencies. 

For four hours, the group discussed expectations for communication and coordination by the Disaster Cabinet when the State’s COOP(s) are activated. When it was over, everyone agreed the information gained will be invaluable to increasing Oregon’s readiness, response and recovery capabilities going forward.

Thank you to everyone for your engagement during the first of the GEODES exercises, and to Oregon Governor Kate Brown for supporting the planning initiative. We look forward to see you all again soon. Until then, keep up the great work of fostering a culture of preparedness in your beautiful state.