The BOLDplanning Difference

BOLDplanning blends world-class planning services with easy, accessible online software. The result is a comprehensive source for ensuring your organization is prepared for any emergency or disruption.

Emergency Operations Planning

Knowing what to do in response to a crisis can limit its impact.

Taking Action

Our EOP consultants and software modules ensure your organization is ready to respond to any event.

Continuity of Operations Planning

Resuming operations is critical to minimizing downtime and losses.

Ensuring Resilience

Our BCP and COOP process helps keep your organization moving forward after a crisis hits.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

The best way to avoid a crisis is to minimize risks in the first place.

Preventing Loss

Let BOLDplanning help you create a plan for identifying and mitigating risks.

Easy Software, Expert Training

Our online software is easy. Our experts make your exercises productive.

Tying it All Together

Our easy online software brings all phases of planning together in one place. Our training facilitators ensure you’re fully prepared.


People are Talking about BOLDplanning

“BOLDplanning as an organization is responsive, supportive, and professional. Each encounter with BOLD has resulted in exceptional service, timely receipt of documents, and friendly demeanors. We have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the manner in which BOLD staff has served the University of Central Oklahoma, and we look forward to continuing our engagement.”

Cynthia E. Rolfe, Ph.D., University of Central Oklahoma