Hannah is BOLD’s Chief Technical Author and Program Manager nationwide; with almost two decades of technical authorship in environmental, government, and automotive/transit sectors, she has implemented emergency plans in Arizona, California, Texas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Virginia, as well as liability analyses in Turkey, the Balkans and the Mid-East.

She is the Program Manager for Sacramento, California’s Fire District EOP, the State of Rhode Island, 7 college campuses in the Near Capitol Region (NCR), multiple EOP and COOP Programs for the Greater Austin, Texas Metro area, the St Paul/Minneapolis Metro Region, and coordinates BOLD’s EMAP compliance for client’s coast to coast. Hannah has deployed to multiple State and Federal Disasters for ESF 7 and 11 operations, including Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, the Animas River Spill in 2015, and the Tuscaloosa Tornado outbreak of 2011. She received her degrees in Environmental Science and Classical Languages with a minor in Political Science from the University of Maine, and her MA in English from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga; she believes that the ultimate goal of Emergency Management is to translate preparedness into a calm and concise language, not using fear as its primary vocabulary.

With a focus on scalability and access, she brings the same attention to detail for clients ranging from dense jurisdictions with ¾ of a million people in 400 square miles, to just 1800 in 3000 square miles. She manages BOLD’s comprehensive database of technical content, ensuring version control, and state and federal compliance. By running countless trainings for diverse user groups she can directly incorporate feedback into development and software iterations. She has facilitated functional exercises nationwide, as well as ADA compliance audits with the Department of Justice in New Mexico and California.

She resides with her husband outside of Boston, MA and is a Wilderness First Responder & local EMT in the White Mountains. She is also a ruthless enforcer of the Oxford Comma.